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Against All Odds (Inspired by Tupac)

Clouds appeared gray by day, yet bright by night. Reversed and sighted, there was guidance in the highest clouds that surrounded the world I wished to escape. Pac’s words wore a cape. The hero that isn’t here — immortal through a diction portal — so he appears quite clear.

Get out of my own way. Egos turn into eagles and fly high through the west as I rest a self-centered attitude on the verge of destruction. Social constructions plunge into an ever-sinking demise. It’s wise to stay woke, but let there be rest for the weak that fight wicked storms — once in a while. Smile, we may, but not without the trials that laid before our weary feet. Nine to fives feels like dead to alive, then reversed for curse purposes. Unless you’re building a 401k, you’ll never have the chance to retire.

Won’t miss my chance to inspire, stick my chest out and handle it like Pac said before he expired. It’s yourself against the world until you face the mirror and see the world much clearer, that mirror can’t get much bigger.

Detached my ego, so now here we go. After my time on earth is finished, there will be another sequel. Against the odds to equal more than expected. Following God’s plan, so it’s going just as directed.

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