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Whose Voice Matters? Yours Does.

“Are you telling your story? Are you sharing your message? If you are not, why aren’t you? Are you afraid that no one will care? Do you hesitate with the false belief that there are thousands of other people out there with the “same” story and message? Be encouraged from this quote when you find your voice, your story will be told and you will be heard.” — Stephanie O’Brien

My way of thinking led me backwards — at least backwards to current times and to the message that Stephanie O’Brien delivers, because currently, I dish out my opinions with no intentions of NOT being heard. The herd will flock to what you say or do. To an angle, once you reach a certain height, there’s really no wrong you can do, in terms of being heard. You can either use your voice for good or the evils that lucifer would prefer you to use your voice for. The choice ultimately becomes your own. Merge your ideas into a lane of your own. Press your foot on the gas pedal and accelerate into the world of acclaimed praise or opinionated backlash. Whether your voice is raised in a room with two people or in a coliseum with thousands, there’s importance in your opinion, voice, etc.

One of my good friends Ahustin Crawford (RIP) had a goal to reach the masses with his work. I’m more than confident that he was on his way to reach such heights but his journey led him to another dimension of spiritual form. Masses weren’t met while present, but he touched the soul’s of many, which can then become the beginning of the masses hearing him out in the grand scheme. His voice will continue to be heard through others. J. Cole didn’t grab a microphone and instantly sell out arenas in his hometown or anywhere else, there was a process. Now with the proper platform, he’s going back to the communities struck by adversity (Baton Rouge, Ferguson, Fayetteville, etc).

As J. Cole’s 4 Your Eyez Only documentary played on HBO, the impact that Cole had on his city of Fayetteville, NC was fascinating. “But we need people like J. Cole coming out and supporting!,” one guy said. Yes, this is true, because Cole has a huge platform and can spread the word quicker than most and people will likely listen. I understood that, immediately. I wasn’t fond of how one person put so much weight on J. Cole; she too can have a voice and impact her community in many ways. From the inside out. I don’t know her day-to-day struggles, but I wish for her to be the voice of her community. There’s beauty behind the madness we face daily.

Discouragement from making this happen may derivw from thinking about the entire outlook of the picture: having million of people listen. We have to start somewhere. I can’t expect thousands of people to read my work unless I’m continiously working and having faith in my words.

All throughout the playing of the documentary, there were people who played their roles in the communities they were from. Whether what they did helped one person or one million, they didn’t make excuses to keep life moving and getting out there to help another who is down. Unification, excuses and purpose sung its themed praises in the documentary.

On one side of the spectrum, there were those who didn’t know how to significantly get their word out or how to make a better way, while there was another group of people who felt the chains grind difficult moments but decided not to make an excuse and come up with alternate developments.

I didn’t see the breakdown or planning, I only saw the pain that ran across the girl’s face from Fayettville and the despair that ran across a Ferguson, MI native. Her platform may not be as big as Cole’s, but she’s in the community. The two-time felon may not be able to vote, but he can make time to do other helpful activities within his community and beyond it, from an optimistic aspect.

Growing up, I always felt that my opinion didn’t mean anymore than a penny. Insignificant in feeling, I let my words live on paper and never to be seen by another soul. Fast forward through the years and I’ve broken this cycle and I recite words to as many people as I can. My words may be read by only one person today, but who’s to say that one person won’t go and tell another person about my words? The cycle can remain endless.

If effort and persistence is involved, some changes will be made. Word of mouth can travel quickly and can be a huge advantage. Not only is our voice important, our persistence to make your way through adverse times are essential for us all to make it, together. I look for people with bigger platforms to voice themselves in order to help the overall cause of situations, but I don’t let that deter my motives to get my voice involved. Know your voice matters above the evil matters of the world. There’s a lot to realize and know it takes practice and consistency to embed it into mindset. Raise your voice and lower the internal critic who yields the external power which you possess. Regardless of people’s response to your voice, it’ll be extremely hard to mute your expressions.

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