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Hardship and the Importance of Escapism

The escapists and their escapism

He who wears the cape is my escape from reality. I watch Netflix and flick my bic when not in a google document — staring at the page as I age into a world that haunts many like me. It’s quite likely that you also divert from stress that tests your mental nest. Thoughts take off like birds and I land to liberation through words–saying hello to a vacation and vacating a life I want to leave vacant temporarily, but can’t, apparently.

Adaptation to the transition of adolescence to adulthood. Elementary may be at its end for me, but recess should never cease; all work and no play can drive a sane man crazy. Escapism provided temporary relief to situations I held an obligation to; a break if you will — mental diversion. Diversion has been needed more than ever. Politics, world disasters and mass shootings. As of lately, the external world has given me more anxiety than I want to admit. I pride myself on internal power, but it’s infiltrated by things I feel are out of my control.

During the 1930’s America was hit with its hardest economic disaster, thus giving us the Great Depression. 1929–1939 impecunious times led to a surge in escapism; getting away from suffering and entering what’s like a new universe. Books, movies and music are some of the obvious forms of escapism.

There is truth in not being able to escape fully what we run away from in the first place. Escapism provides temporary relief. It’s a breather from what is to stay or what currently is. Ultimately, it’s better to confront what it is you’re trying to escape in the first place. For when you mention escapism, you can’t truly ignore the avoidance of something. There is also truth in escaping just to get a quick breather. For example: you have an assignment for class due and it’s weighing on your mind all of the work you have to do for the assignment. The assignment isn’t going anywhere. You know this. But you can give your mind a break and possibly hit play on your favorite album. Let it be forever known, that too much of anything is not good for you, so be mindful of your escape time.

Escapism is used for different reasons by different people. Escapism can be used for creative purposes too. I, myself am a dreamer of reality. I like to bend what is or what most may see it as and perceive it how I want; subjectively speaking that is — my own perception. With that being said, solitude and seclusion bring me to my escaped points.

We’re in a different space than we were even a few years ago. Popular culture and news can bombard our thoughts and it can become overwhelming; anxiety bound to no end. We search for nourishment in a malnourished world. The worst part about it all, activities that we would consider escaping are turning into the devil’s playground and not our own; I.e. the Las Vegas mass shooting. How quickly a country music festival turned into a scramble for one’s life. There’s beuaty in our world and I’m blind to it the moment. My anxiety is the offspring of society. So who inspired me? I escape because I’m tired of me, but not entirely.

Despite the hardships we face in modern times, we still find our ways to venture off into escapism. I’m at work typing this in my office and it feels like I’m in Dubai with a pen and paper; create your own reality. For some, the internet is a diversion. Then again, for others, it’s a leap into a world that doesn’t give them exactly the best feeling.

Escapism is also known as fantasy. I believe in taking reality (what I perceive) and fantasizing through my own lens.

“I want to give up my bearings, slip out of who I am, shed everything, the way a snake discards old skin,” Khaled Hosseini — And The Mountains Echoed

I hold dear thought for the escapist and the dreamer, for their fantasy can create a better reality, at times. At times, time becomes what we wish for it to be — with near control as the escapist gets away from chaotic and/or frantic, sad or impoverished times. Situations vary and weigh heavy on many beings. Prior mentions to the dreamers and escapists, it is they who give us great literature, art, movies, music, etc. WARNING: Do not escape for too long. Love is important and staying sane is important. Both can become difficult to manage in times such as these. Avoidance can become detrimental to your life, yet, there’s the avoidance of some situations to which we never want to deal with ever again, and shouldn’t have to, which is why we escape — to an alternative reality.

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