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Do Not Ignore The Signs in Life

“The universe responds (within hours) — But are you listening?” — Boni Lonnsburry

A lot can come to you when you feel as if you have nothing at all — survival mode, if you will — trying to get back on top of a plateau that once shielded you away from a low point. The important thing to remember: once you look at a situation from a certain angle, the game changes. Don’t pray for pain to go away without first understanding why the pain and/or adversity is happening in the first place; don’t ignore the signs and do not substitute avoidance for acceptance.

Avoiding what’s already happened buys you temporary time — working as a credit card, eventually this debt needs to be paid back and it comes with a high interest rate. Acceptance is paying your bills on time and coming to the brink of the issue. Give the mirror your face and you will thank yourself in the end, give the mirror your back and you’ll regret the backward angle you reflect upon; reflect, don’t neglect. Accept, don’t attempt to forget. Void out fret and bring in faith. Negate high rates from avoidance for a more secure and realistic route.

How could something so right feel so wrong? Or vice versa, for that matter. Timing — (if you’re spiritual) listen to what the higher power is trying to communicate to you or the obstacles that happen along the way of situations. For myself, meditation is essential. I stop, pause and reflect on all that is good and all this is evil. I don’t ignore neither one. However, I sometimes void out the signs that warn the bad occurring, but the good feels worth it; the good I speak about becomes a drug in many senses. I constantly chase that high, no matter how bad it gets, the dopamine is mine. From that, I think I’m doing myself a favor, when in reality, I’ll be regretful of decisions I’ve made.

Not everything is meant to have longevity, but perhaps in these blissful moments that ‘appear’ to be longterm, there is a lesson (or lessons) that can last forever.

Personally, in the month of April, there has been a ton of life-altering scenarios that have made their presence known. However, there’s no folding, only growing and learning from what the experiences have taught me. From relationships, friendships, business, partnerships, etc, it’s never the end, only the beginning to new-found growth in character. My latest evolution took place in December, but it wasn’t until recently where everything I had studied was tested and challenged my endurance. There’s still labor to do and I’m excited for the new growth.

To be blind to the signs that develop during a frame of time, it’s detrimental to your rough but gentle state of mind. Understand that in order to grow, you must let some things go. Hardship promotes growth and your faith will keep you afloat. Not everything is meant to be and not everything is meant for you to see — right away. But do not ignore the signs. Pay attention and attentively add intensity to your hunger to figure it out. Starvation in this sense is not appropriate.

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