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Contemplate: Do you have a purpose for what you’re doing?

Each day, we rise — new challenges are set before our hours and the minutes are used to equate to a finished product. Tasks of various sorts take course in our daily routines. We’re doing what we have to do or what we want to do; divergence can become a factor when there isn’t clarity in our direction, especially when it’s done continuously — leading to travels with no GPS and bringing undesired nomadic motions. As humans, we thrive off energy, all of the time, whether we know it or not. My preference with everyone’s energy would arrive from a place of positivity. Sadly, not everyone’s energy can arrive at the same time or at all.

In search for more direction, I hope your compass points you to purpose and morality. It’s vital to know why we put time into our daily activities. Harvesting useless habits can be detrimental to our health, growth and prosperity. Reverting back to Wale’s 2009 “Contemplate” single with Rihanna, his words in the second verse assemble the results of a soul who was lost and never found true purpose behind his cause — this resembled a man with no clear purpose. You see, you can gain all the alcolades in the world and still feel as wilted as a flower left uncared for. Water your purpose and know why you’re doing so.Plant the seeds but figure out the reason for promoting the growth of the seeds. Time is scarce, even though it’s all we have, but why not use your time to the best of your capability. Stand for something or fall for anything.

I had terrible writer’s block for quite some time. I didn’t know what direction I wanted to dive into when it came to my writing. I quit freelancing with newspapers because I had no purpose for truly doing my assignments; at least I didn’t directly know I had purpose. Although I did have some purpose (extra money and experience), it didn’t satisfy my taste for life. Not only writing, but all aspects of my life. Why did I wake up to go to work? Why am I studying this specific subject in school? When I moved without true meaning, I was less motivated to get anything complete. Not only was my motivation depleted, it altered my mood — for the simple fact of not having a destination to long for. I aspired to be something, but not enough. There stood no clarity and belief.

“Youth with purpose are psychologically healthier than their peers (Shek, 1993), and the same appears to hold for adults (Crumbaugh & Maholick, 1967; Kish & Moddy, 1989).” — The Journal of Positive Psychology

Purpose can form a beneficial relationship with happiness. Happiness can be harvested by purpose. Both work together to give us better quality to enjoy and get the best out of life. Purpose creates definitive moments in the action of living. Challenges we face in life can also be easier to overcome when we maneuver with purpose; tunnel vision isn’t a novice sight. The percentage of pain can be deceased through purposeful movement. Endurance is built from motivation, promoting silent but asure faith in what can’t be seen.

We have to think: Eventually, worldly functions we embark on and endure will come to an end, one day. The song that plays on your iTunes will find its end, the movie you watch is prepared to display the ending credits. When we pause and reflect on why we endure certain hardship or the parts of life we do enjoy, what’s the purpose behind it?

“This ain’t easy, I’m thinking; am I doing this for them or me” — Wale — “Contemplate”

To my creatives: you create and share your work with the world — sometimes you don’t — but when you do, why do you do it? Why do you upload your song to streaming platforms? If you’re doing it for those who enjoy your work, that’s fine. If you’re doing it for yourself, that’s also fine. It’s not about who you do it for, but why do you do it. So when it’s all set and done, did you reach your goal? Wait, hold up, do you even have a goal or reason with why you’re doing what you’re doing? I’ll continue to punch that idea into your ring of thoughts before the 12th round of this article.

I know the reason for my presence at my job and why I do not call out. I like my car filled with gas, I like the luxury of trying different types of foods and I like my bills paid on time. For that, I need money. I never want to work just to work in my life. When we have a purpose, we have potential to be much more fluent in our daily activities. Even the most degrading job may not be so inadequate if we’re working towards purpose and meaning.

There’s no harm to be set in finding purpose behind your movement. If you’re dating someone, is your intentions to make a potential husband or wife out of them down the road? If you’re making music, are you hoping to land more fans or generate revenue? If you have a retail job, do you aspire to be a manager there or perhaps stack your money more for another goal? We can’t and shouldn’t create a joyride out of every part of life. Caution: do not overrun your engine with purpose. It’s okay to enjoy leisure time. The purpose in that can be one-of-several backings.

There’s malice that comes with not knowing why you enter a certain challenge. Evils swoon over when your moon is underneath your reach. Reach for reasoning, don’t reach for nonchalant. They can only taunt succesfully if you move with no purpose. You can flaunt YOU when you know what your worth is and why you’re so focused. To climb a ladder of nonchalant desires will bring us to a cloud of smoke

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